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Create a happy home with Yasuko

Your home is your haven. Or it should be.

Whether it is a top-to-bottom audit of your belongings or a reimagining of your space after the children leave the nest, Yasuko's technique will guide you thoughtfully through the organisation process.  


The Yasuko Method


Your home should be a place where you feel happy and comfortable. I will help you reimagine your space to suit your needs, creating a room to relax, an area to work, a place to entertain. Together, we will ensure you make the most of your home.  


I will provide you with all the guidance you need to reinvent your space. As a professional organiser, I do far more than give your home a superficial clean that cleaning services provide. I will work alongside you to completely transform your home. I will help you declutter, organise and tackle all the little jobs that burden you.  


Transform Your Space

Together we will sort through small spaces such as cupboards, drawers and closets to clear away clutter and maximise efficiency. We also will rethink larger areas, such as the living room and kitchen, to create the ideal environment for you. 

Treasure Each Object

I will help you find a place for each of your possessions. Over time, we tend to lose appreciation for old objects lying around the home, but reorganising and repairing these items can give them a new lease on life. You will be surprised by the unexpected treasures you will find!  

Start Fresh

Organising your space from top to bottom, drawer to drawer and room to room will bring fresh energy to your home. I will help you clear your physical environment, allowing you to gain clarity and newfound appreciation for the space you call home.  

Yasuko's Philosophy

Yasuko's Philosophy


Bamboo is an important plant in Japanese culture. A fast-growing grass, bamboo has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel or concrete – this is because of its unique structure that has rings, or partitions, between sections of stem. These partitions are called ‘fushime’ in Japanese, and they give the entire length of bamboo amazing strength and flexibility.


I like to employ a mindset of fushime in my life and my work. Make clear distinctions at important life events, such as marriage, the birth of a child or retirement from a career, and you will maintain a clear mind and flexible outlook – you will recognise what has happened, where you are currently, and what the future may hold. This recognition, this fushime, allows you to stay calm and strong in any circumstance.


I can give your life the fushime treatment by helping you tidy and reorganise your possessions, dispose of unwanted items and give away what is no longer useful. I will assist you in making a fresh start with your home, leaving you surrounded only by cherished belongings that make you happy!


Clear the clutter, in the home and the mind


The Yasuko Method will enable you to clearly see what you should focus on in life. By tidying your home, you will clear your mind and remove unwanted, unnecessary stress.


A messy home, full of clutter and useless items, is full of negative energy that drags you down. Sorting through each room and clearing your space will lift your mood. Surrounding yourself only with treasured possessions will allow only positive energy in your home. I will enable you to achieve your happy home.



Yasuko Jeffcock

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