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I'm Yasuko Jeffcock, a passionate organiser! I was born and raised in Japan. I currently live in the beautiful Hampshire countryside with my British husband and four children. 

About me

Redesigning home spaces began as a leisurely pursuit. A friend was coming to terms with an ‘empty nest’ after her children left for university. Surrounded by possessions of her time as the mother of young children, she had to redefine herself at this new stage of her life. I helped her sort through her past, room by room, organising and tidying and reclaiming her space. I enabled her to let go of objects that didn’t serve her anymore, and we refurbished and properly displayed the treasured mementos that bring her joy. After this home rejuvenation, I began to help extended family members and friends transform their homes. By word of mouth, the success stories spread, and I decided to make my organisation service a profession. 

I have a liberal arts degree from Seijo University, and my career roles have had a strong organisational focus. For example, I worked as the personal assistant for the vice president of Coca Cola Japan and for various directors of IBM Japan. 


I have had my own fair share of home transformations and reorganisations – in my married life alone, I have moved 14 times! Packing and unpacking our belongings in Japan, Monaco, France, England and the United States honed my skills of organising and de-cluttering.


But my passion for home organisation reaches far beyond simply moving into or out of a house. For me, ensuring a tidy physical space throughout my entire home is part of my lifestyle and helps me stay in control of other elements of my work and family life. 

Decluttering and reorganising your whole home is a daunting and time-consuming task, but I will help you tackle this challenge and make everyday life that much more enjoyable. My goal is simple: to make your home a place you feel happy to be in! 


 Yasuko Jeffcock

 07754 157728

Mount Fuji
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