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Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Yasuko magically appeared in my life at the perfect time.  We were introduced by our mutual friend, Maki, who had just been “Yasuko Sorted” and was loving her new home. I wanted some of the "new home" magic glittered in my world, and I asked Yasuko for her help. 
At a changing point of my life, my girls having just left home, the empty nest was emerging. The end of a chapter was nearing; a family home finishing its’ job, allowing for new beginnings. There was a lacklustre energy affecting my life in some ways. The “sort” was as much on a personal and emotional level for me as it was organisational.
I think a Yasuko Sort could be the perfect task to commence any new life chapter and to set it off in the right direction. It could almost be considered therapy. I certainly felt a new energy post the five sessions we spent together. 
Yasuko has super powers in home organisation (these could possibly be transferred to your office or place of business).  However, it was so much more than organisation. It was a refreshing, reframing usage of and a definite re-loving of items previously cherished but no longer seen, let alone appreciate. For once in my life, I know exactly where everything lives. Everything has a home in my home, and I feel ready and excited about my next life chapter.

Thank you Yasuko. What a gift you have given me. 

Amanda Beechcroft-Kay,

Yasuko certainly has magic hands - not only do they work fast, but everything she touches starts sparkling with joy!

I rediscovered my own belongings with a much appreciated view, as they all have value for me.  Since Yasuko helped me completely reorganise my whole house, I feel more relaxed at home. I look forward to coming home every day.

My children noticed the change in my mood, too. They said I seemed more relaxed and more engaged with them. 

Overall, my home is transformed and I feel so much happier and calm as a result. Above all of these benefits, I gained a wonderful friend who I can be myself with through this cleansing process.

Thank you so much for all your help. You are amazing!

M. Wood

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